What to expect

The investment includes the replacement of two of the original four escalators with inclined lifts and the overhaul of the tunnel’s ageing mechanical and electrical systems.

The two remaining escalators, which are original and of historical significance, will be opened up to public view and illuminated with feature lighting.

New lighting, CCTV, control and communications systems is being installed, together with repairs to the tunnel structure itself and to the important finishes such as the tiling and panelling. The concrete floor sections are also to be refurbished or replaced, which will greatly improve the surfaces for cyclists and pedestrians.

During the closure, the North East Combined Authority is providing a free timetabled shuttle bus service between the hours of 6am and 8pm, seven days a week for both pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition, for those who rely on the tunnels to travel to and from work outside of these hours and who have no alternative means of transport, a pre-registered night shuttle service is also being provided.

Only those who have registered will be able to use this service.